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Pedigree / Genealogy

What is Pedigree?

The Pedigree or Genealogy is an account, often in chart form, recording a line of ancestors of a particular animal. A Pedigree document certifies that the holder of the copy is registered in the Stud Book. Pedigree is reflected in the name of the ancestors of the individual up to three generations, it also indicates the place of registry, the registrants, the breeder and owner as well as awards won both in show and competition skills.

Pedigree guarantees that the specimen in question has a genealogy made up exclusively of examples of his/her race. For breeders this document also has an added value providing guidance relating to the possible inbreeding of the specimen, thereby avoiding unknown samples that might appear of undesired ancestry.

This document is therefore a genetic tool, which keeps us from working in the dark.

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