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About Us

The Association of Puerto Rican Paso Fino Horse Breeders of America, Inc. (commonly known as “Los Abiertos”) is a non-profit entity based in the town of Gurabo in Puerto Rico.

The Association distinguishes itself by providing a strong motivational force of guidance and support for the Paso Fino Horse Breeding community in Puerto Rico, while encouraging strong alliances and collaboration between local horsemen and the varied, established institutions, associations and federations recognized by the Paso Fino sport as well as those abroad.

Mission / Vision

In addition to maintaining its primary goal and purpose, such as improvement of the race, the Association dedicates itself to the training and exchange of knowledge in breeding and dressage, the fraternization between horsemen, the certification of judges and qualification criteria for candidates and finally, overseeing the good health and welfare of all show and competing horses.

The “Los Abiertos” offices perform the following functions:

• Promote the planning and implementation of a Puerto Rican Paso Fino horse show circuit divided into five, class events; a national (Island wide) event, culminating with the International circuit event.

• Provide guidance and technical advice in the areas of Paso Fino genealogical records, certification and classification for each event.

• Provide information regarding procedures for equine genetic testing of DNA blood.

• Promote knowledge and understanding of Parentage Verification among breeders and officials authorized to sign documents related to specimens.

• To safeguard the Genealogical registration data, by debugging and assuring accuracy for all applications for registration and compliance requirements.

Social Objectives

• To organize and promote participation of children, youth, adults and seniors in the circuit events in order to strengthen the understanding and knowledge of judging criteria towards the grading of individuals in competition.

• Foment individual participation in the activities for government agencies, private and bona fide organizations, cultural, religious, educational, etc.

• Provide technical advisory services for the coordination of equine activities to any person requesting information in person, via telephone, email, etc.

• Provide data and information related to the historical background of the arrival of the horse to the New World, as well as educate students from elementary to university levels about the organization and establishment of various equine institutions, associations, sports federations in Puerto Rico that promote the sport.

• Provide educational information and instructional materials from varied resources, such as videos, books, magazines, writings, lectures, talks, workshops, conferences, and all the media that is available through appropriate agencies, writers, historians or anyone skilled in the field.

• Provide information about the different horse shows held in Puerto Rico and affiliated countries worldwide such as CONFEPASO (International Confederation of Paso Horse Breeders) in Columbia.

• Encourage the participation of visits to different paddocks for the purpose of maintaining communication, fellowship and the coordination of future activities.